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Beacon Engineered Solutions Named Finalist in Inaugural Hot Shots Competition
Plastics Technology-hosted event celebrates technical excellence and achievement in efficiency

ALEXANDRIA, MINN. (September 14, 2021) – Beacon Engineered Solutions, formerly Donnelly Custom Manufacturing, is pleased to announce its selection as a finalist in the inaugural Hot Shots Injection Molded Parts competition at Molding 2021 in Rosemont, Illinois.

Finalists for the competition were chosen based upon the submission of an injection molded part demonstrating technical sophistication or achievement in molding efficiency/economics. The Beacon Engineered Solutions team leveraged mold flow analysis and deep engineering expertise to collaborate on a new design for an ID Card Printer System that would consolidate three components into a single molded part. By streamlining the molding process from three separate molds to one, the team eliminated the risk of quality issues in the post-molding mechanical assembly process and significantly reduced costs.

“I’m proud of the work our team did to push the part and tooling design boundaries and transition this design from three parts to one,” said Tim Stewart, VP of a Sales & Engineering at Beacon Manufacturing Group. “Our unique ability to leverage our extensive engineering expertise to develop and manage complex parts enabled us to significantly reduce costs for our customer and design a part that could be manufactured with repeatable, consistent quality.”

Winners will be chosen by Molding 2021 event attendees in two categories: Technical Sophistication or Achievement in Molding Efficiency and/or Economics. Winners will be announced during the event’s evening reception beginning at 5:00 pm on September 22.

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About Beacon Engineered Solutions

Formerly Donnelly Custom Manufacturing Company, Beacon Engineered Solutions masters the complexities that define a vital manufacturing partner. From development of complex parts to launch and beyond, its team leverages niche expertise across engineering, injection molding, compression molding and post-molding capabilities using defined processes perfected over decades. The company is uniquely focused on moving with the flow of its customer’s business to manage manufacturing complexities throughout the product lifecycle and drive lasting success. Beacon Engineered Solutions is located in Alexandria, Minn. To learn more, visit

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Beacon Manufacturing Group is an engineering and innovation hub that delivers custom, highly engineered and precision molded products, assembled components and contract manufacturing services. Its businesses embody the characteristics critical to being the customer’s first choice contract manufacturing partner: proven niche expertise, strong engineering and technical competencies, highly configurable capabilities and exceptional people. Through Beacon MedTech Solutions, which serves the Medical, Bio-Pharma, and Life Sciences markets, and Beacon Engineered Solutions, which serves the Industrial, Electrical and Aerospace/Defense markets, customers can expect the innovation, speed and agility needed to succeed in today’s competitive, fast-changing business environment. Learn more at

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