Beacon MedTech Solutions

Vital Innovations. Delivered.

Beacon MedTech Solutions leverages proven competencies and specialized expertise to deliver solutions across the value chain. Combining the proven precision of a Medical, Bio-Pharma and Life Sciences contract manufacturer with the engineering and problem-solving competencies of a technology-driven leader, Beacon MedTech delivers performance that customers can rely on. From Single-Use Technologies and Class II Medical Devices to mission-critical Aerospace and Defense products, our team works every day to advance the success of medical innovators and high-tech OEMs.

Within our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we leverage highly configurable, proven capabilities to launch new products, scale up production and adapt to fast-changing requirements across product lifecycles. Our team of experts solves your complex manufacturing problems, takes design and production details off your shoulders, and delivers tomorrow’s life-changing solutions today.

Delivering Success by Taking Charge of Key Details

Formerly Built-Rite, Reliance & LSR Engineering, Beacon MedTech’s team of exceptional people is ready and able to help your organization thrive. Integrating a full suite of competencies with specialized expertise, the company’s experts ensure precision components you and your customers can rely on.

of New Products

We respond quickly with engineering services and tooling capabilities that strengthen your supply chain and accelerate time to market.

Beacon MedTech Production

Scale and ramp
production quickly

We’re ready with a broad range of highly configurable competencies under one roof including engineering, tooling, precision molding and assembly.


Customers rely on Beacon MedTech’s niche expertise in applications like Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR), cleanroom molding, thermoset compression molding, single-use components and more to support custom technological innovations with consistency and speed.

Accelerating Manufacturing Success with Technology-Forward Partnerships

Beacon MedTech Solutions increases the impact of OEMs and their Tier One contract manufacturing partners in three key ways:

  • Elevating Bio-Processing System Performance with decades of expertise in plastic solutions, products and assembled components.
  • Managing Production of Complex Life Sciences and Medical parts through a full range of capabilities under one roof.
  • Ensuring the Stability of Mission-Critical parts for Aerospace, Defense and Technology industries by leveraging deep expertise in materials and precision manufacturing.

No matter the application, we’re committed to applying our full range of expertise to protect the integrity and functionality of the life-changing innovations our customers demand.